Stainless Steel Water Bottles – Top Choice of Carrying Water Around

Stainless steel water bottles help you get several advantages. They are made from materials that are extremely environmentally friendly and therefore, you are doing your little bit towards saving the world.

stainless steel bottle silver

The moment you think of buying yourself Stainless steel water bottles you have not opted for plastic ones which are cluttering our earth and at the same time are known for their health hazards that they fetch the users.

These types of bottles on the other hand are just the right option to choose from to store your water in. These Stainless steel water bottles are becoming the main choice in homes and offices too. They look so very trendy and in the latest fashion that you will proudly display them at your work desk, at university or carry it in your backpack.

Stainless steel water bottles are refillable and therefore, you need not throw them away after each use. This makes them an extremely viable option as the investment that you make in them is repaid many a fold. Stainless steel water bottles are made from stainless steel material that has several benefits. Firstly it is easy to clean and maintain. You can wash them manually in warm water and soap or you could also use the dishwasher for it. Once they have been washed, they are as good as new to be used again.

When you use Stainless steel water bottles you need not be careful of scratches, bumps and wear and tear showing up on them. Stainless steel is extremely durable, sturdy, rust proof and resistant to all kinds of weather conditions outside. This makes certain that the outside temperature will not be able to easily get to the water inside. Therefore, your water will remain insulated to a certain extent.

Stainless steel water bottles get along with them a host of health benefits too. Firstly, when you have the water bottle beside you, there is more of a likelihood of you reaching out for water rather than waiting for thirst to strike you. Also, the Stainless steel water bottles do not emit any odor or other substances in order to create harmful changes in your body composition. Therefore, what you get is pure water and nothing else in it.

stainless steel water bottle

At the end of the month if you start calculating the amount of money that you save by not buying bottled water and use Stainless steel water bottles you will be doing a great favor for your budget. In these recessionary times it is a good option to look at all the frivolous expenses that you could cut out from your life and this could be one of them.

There are several brands that are manufacturing Stainless steel water bottles. Moreover, in that case you are assured of huge amounts of savings of hard earned dollars that you could put to better use.

So, go right ahead and start a fashion trend with your Stainless steel water bottles.

Stainless Steel Coffee Mug

A travel mug for coffee is a great Boon, capital B, to coffee-lovers because they can not remain without drinking coffee. Such is their craze for coffee that if they miss drinking coffee even once, they will remain remote and wretched and seem to be mentally “unavailable”. That is the reason they consider a travel mug for coffee as an important accessory.

coffee mug

coffee mug

Spoil With Choices

There are several varieties of coffee mugs but these travel mugs for coffee are mostly made of plastic or stainless steel. Though the stainless steel coffee tumbler costs you more than the plastic coffee mug when you buy it, if you consider the durability, stainless steel coffee mug is a better option. A plastic coffee mug is likely to break easily and your coffee may not retain the heat as well as the stainless steel coffee mug.

It is a proven fact that a stainless steel coffee thermos retains heat of your coffee for more than 1 hour. Especially, a stainless steel coffee mug with a double wall insulated will serve your purpose better. A stainless steel coffee mug is also easy to clean. But plastic mugs absorb and retain the liquids in due course and so after a few days, the quality of your coffee will be affected and will taste lousy.

Stainless steel insulted coffee mugs will definitely impress when guests visit your house. They come in various sizes and styles and hence you can choose the mugs that suit your taste and needs. If you want to have over-sized mugs that are bigger than a standard size stainless steel coffee mug, you can make them to order also.

Ideal Gift To Give Away

A stainless steel coffee mug is a good gift also. We have seen several companies gifting such mugs to their employees, customers and potential consumers and other business associates with the company name and logo engraved on these mugs. These mugs will serve as a great publicity material. Some companies even give them as gifts in trade fairs and exhibitions in which they participate. The purpose is to popularize their company and their products and services.

An attractive stainless steel coffee mug is also a good show-piece and if displayed in the show case of your drawing room, it will impress your visitors with its attractive style.

Several departmental stores sell such stainless steel coffee mugs. You can visit and choose the best-suited mugs that suit your tastes and budget. There are several discount shops also where these are sold and if you buy from them, you can get these mugs at a lesser cost. These discount shops can be attempted when you are buying the mugs for gifting purposes. You can visit various outlets to find out the best variety at reasonable costs.

If you think that you can not spend time for visiting these stores in person, you can make a thorough search online to buy your stainless steel coffee mugs. Several online shops are there that sell them and hence you have excellent varieties at different prices. While cost is a concern, you should not keep cost alone as the criterion. You should be prepared to make a reasonable compromise on cost if you want a better quality stainless steel coffee mug.

Stainless Steel Coffee Thermos

Coffee is a favorite drink for many people. You may have seen people craving for a cup of good coffee as soon as they get up in the mornings. Not only in the mornings, some people drink more and more cups of coffee during their work in the office. These people admit that they get energized and their enthusiasm in work is enhanced when they drink coffee. This may be due to the presence of caffeine, a stimulant in coffee. But the health effects of coffee are definitely under a scanner.

coffee thermos

coffee thermos

Making Used of Good Quality Thermos

But let us set aside the efforts of trying to unravel the mystery why coffee lovers love the beverage the way they do and of dissecting the health concerns for a while. Coffee lovers want their coffee to remain hot or cold and if the thermos they use does not serve this purpose, they are really distressed. They feel as if their energy is lost and their enthusiasm is sapped. This is not a fake behavior but it is a true feeling. But unless the thermos that contains coffee is properly insulated, the coffee inside will not remain hot for more than 3 hours. But these coffee lovers have a reason to cheer up. Stainless steel coffee thermos will certainly fulfill the expectations of coffee lovers.

The good quality of a stainless steel thermos bottle is that it retains coffee taste and is also leak-proof and shake proof. Some people even say that coffee retains its heat for five hours also in a stainless steel coffee thermos.

The technology used in a stainless steel thermal travel mug is the thermos vacuum insulation technology, due to which an airless chamber is created between the thermos inner and outer walls and so the coffee retains its heat for a longer duration. Another great quality is the coffee inside will not get leaked because it is a shake-proof.

Effortless To Clean

The stainless steel thermal mug is easy to wash because it does not have a complex lid and air-hole. It is highly durable and hence even if you drop it by mistake, it will not get damaged.

For keeping it safe and usable for a longer time, you should always wash and rinse it before its first use and after every time you use it. Instead of dish-washing it, it is better to wash it with hands. But while washing with hands, you should not use abrasive scrubbers or cleansers because these may dull the thermos surface. You should also not use bleach or cleaners that contain chlorine on the stainless steel coffee thermos. For rinsing, you should use only hot water.

If you pre-heat or pre-chill the stainless steel insulted mug prior to your using it, you improve its efficiency. By this, it is meant that you should pour hot or cold liquid and close it to keep it like that for about 10 minutes. After emptying the contents, you can pour your coffee hot or cold to have maximum thermal efficiency in your stainless steel coffee thermos.