The Dual-Dispensing Packaging Technology

Duels can deliver products at low cost while preserving the activity and effectiveness of individual components. For these products, the incompatibility of the ingredients requires that the elements remain separate until the time of use.

There are several categories of packaging technology for double-room:

1) Dual compartments

2) Double tubes

3) Double rooms in a single discharge orifice

The technologies associated with these types of containers can be double or custom tailored for the distribution of products of different viscosities, pasta thick aqueous solutions.

dual dispensing

The main difference between these two types of distributors is the way the components are mixed twins. In general, the components are transported and then used a mixed brush in a cup in hand, etc. Sometimes, the mixture may be in a third room that is part of the transport package.

Double containers can be made of plastic, glass or metal. Dual-distribution technologies also offer varying degrees of accuracy of the dose to dose delivery and the mixing ratio of components. For some products, the need for clean dispensing device has to be considered. A clean cut will prevent cross contamination of two components to the outlet.

Two main factors control the advance of dual-packed on the market. The first is the cost of packaging. In general, products with double can not compete on price plateau. Shelf price is a function of manufacturing, material and other costs. The cost of packing dual compartments is increased due to the complexity of overall compared to two separate containers of incompatible components or a single container with a mixture of two components.

Manufacturing costs are also higher for both packaged products because the containers are essentially conditioned double twice. Two completed packages must be delivered, filled, and sealed, for each unit of output tray. The manufacturing costs of printing and packaging are also double up the complexity of the production operation.

The second factor that may lead packages double the market is the reformulation. A manufacturer can develop a formulation or process that “compatibilizes” incompatible elements, which avoids the need for the package of two compartments.

Directive provides that new products with roots in the pharmaceutical industry, health and personal care areas adapt clam products for a specific need for technology and unique double bedroom. These introductions market provides the user with a superior product and the manufacturer of a new means of delivering this product. The coming years should see movement in the use of this technology.

The dual compartment package has just started a cycle that will take time to complete – time for consumers to receive benefits offered by the duality of the packaging unit, the time to test products, and time to review the results. If the result can be obtained by an alternative less expensive or higher performance, double packaged product will fail in the market.

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