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Have you ever waited impatiently for something special to appear in the mail to receive a box with pieces broken off inside or liquid flowing down the sides? Printing and packaging has always been an essential component of successful retail products. The packaging is also essential for successful online sales.

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However, there are differences between the two types of packaging that must be considered. When a product is displayed in a retail store, it is in competition with any other product on the shelf for the consumer’s attention. The boxes are normally bright, multi-colored, and gilding and embossing. The boxes seem to cry out, a visual way, “Hey, look at me!” Available online, the product is sold long before the consumer sees the packaging, but packaging is still critical to creating a satisfied customer. Some points to consider when choosing packaging for products that are sold online and shipped to the buyer.

Do not spend too much on your packaging, because it will not compete against a hundred other packages on the board of Wal-Mart or Best Buy. UV varnish, gilding, embossing, and other senior enhancers cost of packaging is not necessary.

Do not spend too little on your package, because it must still consider the quality and value of the product inside. You can use one, two, or four color printing to improve the package. Do you ensure that your packaging is strong enough to make it through the mail.

Make sure the package is anti-crash. Some boxes require an internal structure made of cardboard, foam or plastic in the form of vacuum to prevent crushing.

Test your package by sending five packets to a few people you know in the different regions of the country or, for that ship products overseas in the world. Ask them to return the products for you. How to keep the packaging? Is it still look good? Is there something you feel good about receiving it for yourself? What the pack to protect the product? If there is a crash, bad tear, or damage to the product, rework your design and test again.

Do not spend too little, do not overspend, test thoroughly, and your packaging is just right.

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