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Shredded Paper, Let The Good Times Roll

Decorate your gift with the use of shredded paper will make the overall display of the gift to look even more elegant. Besides, shredded paper is eco-friendly for you to use.

Enlightening Gift Accessories

Enlighten your seasonal gifts with the use of colorful shredded paper from GH Packaging.

Beautifully Display

Our multi-colored paper shred is available in good quality and abundance. By applying a little portion, it can turn your decorative gift boxes or containers to look very alluring. It help in adding the overall display of your gifts with the insertion of these beautiful shredded papers in the gift container.

Useful Gift Decor

It is a great accessories for doing craft decoration. Rafia and shredded papers tend not to get crush easily. They are useful for businesses in the gift basket industry, crafts stores, floral and gift shops, liquor stores as well as the cosmetic outlets.

Eco-friendly Paper Fill

They are eco-friendly where the accessories are manufactured completely from recycled paper. These environmentally friendly products do not compromise on the look and feel of decorative paper shreds.

Reliable supplier that you can count on

We supply a variety color choices of shredded paper that you can choose from. If you need this wonderful gift accessories to enhance the inner look of your gift, you can come to us and you will get what you want.

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Colorful Crinkle Paper

Variety color choices of Shredded Paper that you can choose from.

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Make Use of Shred and Tissue Papers

When you are giving a lovely gift to your love one, if you just pop it in the box, it doesn’t make it look special. So, instead of that you can add some crush tissue paper or perhaps some shred into it.


There are lots of different types of shred from the crinkle cut to very fine cut, shrinking film, mixing colors or even something like sisal.


But sometimes either because you are on a tight budget or you just need a little bit of one color. It is a good idea to take some leftover tissue paper or used tissue paper and shred it yourself.


You might have a whole shredder perhaps slightly bigger and you can perform the threading yourself.


All you need to do is run it through the shredder and then you can take some more shred and chop it up and put into the gift box, then put your gift onto the shred, your gift will look even more elegant when your love one open it up.

Make your gift colorful.

Cushion it with the Shredded Gift Filler.