Inflatable Plastic Wrap

To Protect Your Precious Items in Good Shape!

You really need solid protection for packages not to break or damage when it comes to customer s' hands

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You Need Sturdy Protection For Your Items When Packing

The inflatable plastic wrap is your choice.

⚙️The items are direct from factory
⚙️Many specifications and different sizes available
⚙️Easy to use, cut as much as you need
⚙️Shockproof and compressive
⚙️Waterproof and moisture-proof


Why Choose Us!​

We commit to your packaging needs


When choosing a supplier, we know that most of our clients want on-time delivery of quality product. We’ve built our business around this need.

Vast Inventory

A vast inventory of supplies for every business, industry, & individual. Even if we can't provide you the stocks right away, we will try our best to meet your needs.


The power of reputation will cause a great impact to your business. The right packaging protection will carries out the right message for your customers.

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Different Sizes Available

How To Use It

Inflate with a Pump

Provide Good Protection

Our Customers

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See What Our Clients Has To Say....

The testimonials of our customers after buying from us....

This is just the packaging material that I'm looking for. It works great to protect my fragile items. They are flat and you need to inflate them. The good thing is they don’t take up much room before you use it. All our bottles made it home safe and unbroken when ship to our customers. Highly recommend!
They are very sturdy and easy to use. They can be blew up easily and really protects my electronic devices pretty well. I used them a lot to ship electronic devices where customers bought from my online store. It stood up great against traveling. The only thing is that they can't be deflated. But I will still use them as long as they last.
Bernard Loo
Packing material yang cantik dan kualiti yang sangat bagus. Amat berpuas hati dengan ini. Penjual juga sangat mesra dan beri bantuan yang banyak. Moga bisnes awak makin maju.
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